Sunday, March 14, 2010

100 years of solitude part 3

My sentiments regarding the 3rd part of this novel haven't quite distilled to the point of being able to say anything particularly coherent, but there are a couple examples that I found poignant.
In class we discussed how war had become a way of life, and that so much violence had made the characters desensitized to it. Eventually when Coronel Aureliano Buendia realized that with all the concessions, the Liberals had become just like the Conservatives, and that they were only fighting just to fight, or was it for pride? But on pg. 351 he says "Hicimos tantas guerras y todo para que no nos pintaran la casa azul", which I thought summed it all up in a nice simple way. Freedom.
Another bit of perspective on pg. 348 that I think was particularly insightful and seemed to ring true - in fact peal resoundedly, was "una vez satisfecha la pasion no habia un hombre capaz de soportar asi fuera por un dia una negligencia que estaba mas alla de todo comprension"...No great illumination here, apart from my admiration of Garcia Marquez in that he obviously was a careful observer of the human condition.
Finally, I found the sentence on pg. 336 containing "nadie podia saber a ciencia cierta donde estaban los limites de la realidad" to be a little tongue-in-cheek in that it refers to the people of Macondo, but obviously also has something to do with the literary style that in this novel was reaching a peak in its refinement. Ha ha - nice.
Oh yeah - what's with all the references to Wednesday??

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